Tuesday, December 21

Merry Christmas

Since we've barely posted any free stuff this year here's a little selection of basic edits which have been on heavy rotation throughout 2010. Minimal editing going on but great music, enjoy.

Free to download until 1/1/11

OOFT Edits


Vijay said...

Very generous, thank you.

Che said...

You made my day! :)

Anonymous said...

How do you download?

Aliooft said...

Click on the link at the bottom of the post and it'll take you to the soundcloud page.
Each track has a little down arrow at the right hand side of the page - click that to download each track :)

Anonymous said...

thx guys - best present this year


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ali! Merry Xmas!

Jason Fist said...

Thanks a lot!

Been following you all year (and for quite a while before that). Glad to see that you're getting the success you deserve.

Keep it up!

Jason - www.themixesandthedubs.com

chris keys said...

bless ya!!
hope you guys are all good!!
merry xmass!

dianekeaton said...

great year for you guys --- !