Thursday, June 21

Kashif! ... Bless You

This lad's work is often overlooked for bigger 80's soul / jazz-funk cats. Kashif has been credited for classics like Evelyn King's "Love Come Down" and George Benson's "Inside Love (So Personal)" (Which i managed to pick up on vinyl in a Spar shop strangely) along with many other classics by Melba Moore, Meli'sa Morgan, Howard Johnson .... He's now a software developer. Oh well.

Here's my extended re-imagining of one of his numbers. Slide onto the floor ... smooth' like.

Kashif - Help Yourself To My Love (The Revenge New Jersey Soul Mix)


Anonymous said...

what a great re-edit, much respect!
Keep up the good work!

scaniafunk :)

Anonymous said...

Genius - as good as the much loved marvin Gaye edit you did!!!

Gary said...

I've always loved this track and this is an inspired reworking. Many thanks. Again

P.s. Kashif released an album in 2004 (I think) called "Music from my Mind" which I bought but can't find at the moment.

I think it was on his own label as well but details are a bit sketchy as I've had a few beers. ; )

M@rk said...

just found your blog & was wonderin' if you can make a new link to your edit from this one..