Thursday, June 21

Get Yer Dub John

Since we're gearing up to festival time once again, I've been indulging my psychadelic side with some of the shows on Red Bull Music Academy's Radio. It makes for a darn good listen while you're trying to do more productive stuff.

Of special interest for me are Kirk Degorgio's 2 hour special on the legendary John Martyn who signed to Chris Blackwell's Island Records in the late 60's. If you are into music full-stop, this should stir something in you. Martyn's music is full of emotion and his technique for layering up guitar with loads of delay intensifies this. He collaborated with Lee 'Scratch' Perry on Martyn's One World album giving birth to a sound we probably identify more with Trip-Hop. Check 'Dancing' below for a taste of this legendary songwriter.

Checkout other great sessions from Quiet Village, Daz-I-Que, Jazzanova and The Elektrons.

Here's a dubby number I uncovered from Primal Scream's Echo Dek album produced by dub-king, Adrian Sherwood (On-U-Sound). Sherwood trips out the track 'Trainspotting' from Vanishing Point to make 'Last Train'. Well worth checking the whole album if you're into ya dub, ya get me?

Primal Scream - Last Train (Echo Dek Dub)

John Martyn - Dancing

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