Monday, July 2

Dusty Street Tapes

Two dusty midtempo numbers from my Deportivo Street Team project. Although the DST stuff is a bit more boshing these days, we still occasionally find time to pitch it down and burn it out. Caught Up In The Stars was released last year on a Refo Recordings compilation and blends some live guitar with some ethereal, electronic swooping and swooshing. Pitched Down House Sound was written 5 years ago and has remained unreleased. It was the inspiration for my new midtempo stuff and is a strange concoction of cut-up horns, old-school piano and squelching electronic skullduggery running in at 11 mins. It was done in one take and I kept none of the parts so it is forever trapped in this ruff draft form.

Deportivo Street Team - Caught Up In The Stars
Deportivo Street Team - Pitched Down House Sound (Unreleased)

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Anonymous said...

Crikey! Pitched Down House Sound is freakin fastastic -thanks for sharing