Saturday, February 23

Oasis in Detroit

Reclusive detroit dude Omar S has made some of the best deep house and techno around over the last few years, with pretty timeless production. Most of the recordings are live takes, so sometimes I find the arrangement can be a little off. With that in mind heres a quick edit of the track "Oasis Fourteen" from a couple of years back. Play on a big soundsystem for full effect.

Seven days on the d/l

Omar S - Oasis Fourteen (OOFT Edit)


Beezer Holmes said...

Hey guys

Enjoyed dancing to your tunes on Wednesday and meeting you (kind of)

Check out the wee edit i did on the blog, you may dig it.


James said...

Tits! It's gone already. My fault for being too slow. Any chance of a re-post though, guys?