Tuesday, February 3

Deep Space Orchestra

It may be thick with snow on your driveways, but from the farthest corner of the galaxy, a faint radio signal has reached our planet in the form of righteous rhythms and jellyfied basslines sliced through with solar string sections and distant voices ... I'm tripping yes ... but this only makes it better.

Satellite towns around the north of England and the odd joint are as close as they get to space, but Chris Barker and Si Murray's latest project Deep Space Orchestra has been slowly burning a hole in my hard drive since it arrived. One of their little space odysseys, City Streets, features on the new Five20East 12", Death On The Highway, due out in a couple of weeks and they have plenty more in store.

Here's some 192 action for 14 days until the 12" arrives ...

Deep Space Orchestra - City Streets


Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL!!!!! thanks.

Christian said...

any chance of a repost?

Unknown said...

Is This real? Dank'st tracks I've herd in my life. You are awesome.

Thank You,

Leeeuvt said...

WONDERFUL!!!!! thanks.