Thursday, February 5

Getting Warmer

Here's a new mix I squeezed out for the guys over at Warm ...

The Revenge - Get Warm Mix

1. James Brown - Dead On It (U-Tern Edit) - CDR
2. Isaac Hayes - Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile (Harri & The Revenge Edit) - CDR
3. Toby Tobias - Serious - CDR
4. Rick Wilhite - Ruby Nights (Gilb-r Solo Flight remix) - Third Ear
5. Brother D with Collective Effort - Dib-Be-Dib-Be-Dize (Harri Edit) (Recut) - CDR
6. Black Ivory - Mainline (The Revenge Edit) - CDR
7. The Revenge - Get Up On It - Five20East
8. Andy Ash - Mason In My Basin - L.E.S.S.
9. Popular People's Front - My Baby Stays Out All Night - PPF
10. Andy Ash - Night - Five20East
11. Marius Varied - Disco Drummer - Maxi Discs
12. Craig Smith & The Revenge - Miss World - CDR
13. The Revenge - It's Your Hangover - CDR
14. Leroy Hanghofer - Pin - Gomma
15. The Mole - Knock Twice - Wagon Repair
16. Shahrokh Sound Of K - Love Happens - Compost Black
17. Craig Smith & The Revenge - The Soul Part II - CDR
18. KLF - 3am Eternal - KLF Communications


Anonymous said...

Do you sell your edits?

I want to buy theme.

mail me...


Mertz said...

Is the track with the Cheryl Lynn loop the Tony Tobias track? And is that old school sounding MC rhyming part of the same track, or a blend?

There are some seriously subtle blends going on in this mix, and they're really good. To the point of you lost me! LOL

theodorecaleb said...

Not got on to this one yet; just listening to the 'pitch the mutha down' mix on trackwerks. Awesome again.
Are you playing any bars in Glasgow this weekend?

Aliooft said...

Theodore, I'll be playing some records in the Drawing Room bar this Friday from 9pm...
Alternatively we'll be playing a club set in the Glasgow Uni Research club for the Sideshow guys next Thursday - more on that early next week.

Mertz - I'm sure The Revenge can answer those mix-related questions ;)

Anonymous said...

you guys rock, thanks for the steady stream of pure class!

theodorecaleb said...

Is the Drawing Room the place that used to be the Brewery Tap?

Anonymous said...

Mertz - the Cheryl Lynn loop + the rhyming is the Brother D track.

Theo - yes - that's the one.

G ;)

JACK said...

is that mainline edit coming out any time soon, because that track is hot!

(or a possible sneakpeak 192kb 7days upload? ;))