Tuesday, February 10


Neither of us could make it to our weekly Radio show on Subcity.org this week, but it might have actually been a blessing in disguise as it let the listeners hear the latest OOFT DJ Mix, lovingly put together for the grand chaps over at trackwerk.net. Head on over for tracklist and download action...

PS From the 24th of February we'll be broadcasting our show live across Glasgow on 106.6 FM for a whole month. So if you live in the area then get the wireless tuned in for 4pm on Tuesdays ;)


adrian said...

Hey fellas...mix was spot on as always...Thought I'd let you know bout our blog we've just set up if you'd like to check it!!


Space-Kudu said...

Hello Ooft office!

Ever since i was a little boy i enjoyed your site :)
It actually pursuaded to do my own re-edits. You can check them out on:


oh and a link would be nice, will do the same!

keep up the good work

David Ballester said...

Requesting help from bloggers all around: Any one who knows what's happened to the lovefingers blog?