Thursday, June 25


Si from Cronk Family Enterprises turned us on to this back in the day documentary on LTJ Bukem and his manager. It was a serious program at the time but watching now its frankly hilarious! Do you have an Ironing service!?


MondoCo said...

Please checkout my new blog- aim to post tracks along the lines of:
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Going to take a while to get on my feet but would appreciate your support and any advice from yourself and your loyal readers.

Aliooft said...

No probs Mondo ;)

matt right right right said...

oi oi

Chef De Party said...

hahahahaha missed this when it was on originally. watched it for first time just now. Class. Like Spinal Tap with Djs and MCs. Bukem and Conrad were heroes of mine when i was into DnB back in the 90s. I own a copy of nearly every record featured in that programme! Very funny viewing indeed though. Id never have believed the behind the scenes story without seeing that. Hat's off to Tony though. Those guys are global megastars in the drum n bass world so regardless of his often ignorant and brutish behaviour and language the guy did an amazing job.
Thanks for posting.