Wednesday, July 22

IOR003 Competition Winner

Firstly - thanks to all y'all who entered our IOR competition - it's been hilarious for us reading the entries, and just goes to prove that the job of the DJ is not one to be undertaken lightly.

A tough choice - but we have finally managed to agree on a winner ... PJ, who's anecdote (and associated YouTube footage) swung our votes. Well done mate - we've dropped you an email.

As an added bonus ... and due to our neverending good nature, we've also decided to give our winner AND all entrants into the competition a copy of the new L.E.S.S. compilation on release (date TBC). The comp will feature one track from every L.E.S.S. CD + one bonus track. We'll keep your email addresses on file and will be in touch when the CD's arrive.

And here's the winning entry ...


Playing at my old residency in montreal, i was approached by local man about town 'Chuggo'. He got my attention, and showed me a CD, "hey, my album just dropped, you wanna give it some play?"

To preface things, i had just mixed in GW edit of Raw DMX, and i replied "what kinda music is it?"

"similar to this....a bit nastier"

"do you sing on it?"


He left the cd with me and dissapeared for a bit,i scanned through the CD. Put it aside. He returned with two pints. Gave me both. And said,

"Track 9, cue it up"

I paused ... looked at the half full dance floor ... Cued up track 9

I said, 'are u ready?'

He pulled out a staff with a skull on the end, which had somehow escaped my attention earlier, and nodded.

I played track 9

He basically lip synched to his own track, which, words can not do justice.

Thankfully ... He has a youtube channel


plastiksoul said...

congratulation to pj!

Unknown said...

A worthy winner, would have loved to seen (pissed myself to) that in the club.

Μιχάλης Π. said...


Jonathan Piper said...

Man that video is just worth it's weight in gold - is this guy serious or is it a joke?!

Unknown said...

He looks pretty serious, you could ask him but you might get some odd looks from the surgeons who remove the skull on a stick from your ar$e. It's like a nasty hip hop lolly pop.

MKM said...

Foiled again! Damn you Chuggo!

Mertz said...

Congrats to PJ! And thanks to the OOFTers for being so cool with the L.E.S.S. CDs! Can't wait!

chris keys said...

ha ha ha ha
that Chuggo is hillarious
sounds like he's saying
'come on f**k a guy'

Kev Hutch, Jimmy Johnson and Stu Ashton said...

Definitely a worthy winner with the aid of the youtube clip ha ha. Congrats PJ

PJ said...


i need to go thank chuggo, which would be alot easier if he wasn't so intimidating to speak to.

Everyone else's stories were great reads, probably checked back here twice a day last week to keep up with them.

i guess i'm just lucky to have lived in the same town as a fearless Mini Me esque artist who blessed us with his stirring performance.

Chuggo is a semi cult like figure in toronto and montreal, he used to have an add out in one of the alternative weekly papers here, soliciting himself as a male escort, which of course was accompanied by an incredible picture.

I couldn't have done it with out him, so here's a link to where you can listen/buy his unique album

thanx ooft !


Vins said...


unidisco said...

Well deserved paul!

Paul B said...

Great stuff PJ and we're getting a cd too! cheers guys :)

sassafras said...

definitely a winner of a story...

thanks ooft for having the competition.

can't wait for the cd.

matt right right said...

There's me thinking there was only one winner, skull on a cane :)