Friday, July 24

Oot Noo

Just arrived in store ...


KRL said...

nice, gonna pick this up tomorrow

DiskOtek! said...

no one can stop the revenge!
nice to see your amazing evolution almoust from the start at you blog.


alex said...


fantastic ill be straight down picadilly for this tomorrow!

big thanks for signing all my less cds at glasto, i risked life limb mud and crazy prodigy fans to get them to you!! Could i be cheeky and be put down for one for the tbc less cds from the competition from the previous post for being the loyal fan??, i dont dj much so didnt have any funny tales to tell :-( , if i had known there was a less on offer id have made something up!! ha

al (

Bernhard said...

highly appreciate your high quality musical artwork! kind regards!

Frantic said...

Absolutely loving this EP. Reviewed it on the Sleazy Beats blog some time back... glad to finally have the wax in my hands!

Was just listening to This Sound again, and for some reason an older tune popped into my head... Pete Heller's "Big Love". I bet you OOFT boys could do a killer slow-motion version of that tune. Just sharing my random thoughts... thanks for the music!!