Friday, April 3

Linda Evangelista Swap Shop

*** Update - CD Available to pre-order now *** : Piccadilly Records

Our Five20East store is still undergoing some non-routine maintenance so this will be available through the record shops. Piccadilly have confirmed an order so it'll be heading there first next week. As usual - 100 numbered DJ only CD's.

Note: This is a 100 download only promo - no repost - so please don't ask.

Tracklist :

1. Toto - Georgy Porgy (OOFT Rework)
2. Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You (The Revenge Rework)
3. Kleeer - Open Your Mind (DJ 2Three Rework)
4. Andy Ash - Mason In My Basin
5. Out In The Sticks - In The Dark

LESS009 - Forever In Their Debt 6 (192kbps)


Anonymous said...

Awesome as always!
Pure slow belters...

scratchandsniff said...

At last the Michael Wycoff edit!
Just made my weekend!

Mertz said...

Been waiting for that Michael Wycoff forever... And I missed it... that has to be the fastest 100 downloads I've ever seen. :-(

Oh well... was gonna get the CD anyway, and now I guess I just have to wait longer for it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah mate - went very rapid - Piccadilly have 50 CDs so I'm sure you'll get one.

David Ballester said...

For me I've waited for the Georgie Porgy Edit for some time now so thanx alot for that. After a couple of listens I think Mason In My Basin is my personal favourite. That's a great tune. Keep up the good work.
I'll try to get a hold of the cd as well.

Much Love from Sweden.

Unknown said...

The downloads are gone and not even a handful of "thank you"? Shame on all those leechers...

Just to bad I missed it as the Michel Wycoff is a current favorite of mine :-((

James said...

No really thankyou. The quality from you guys - as ever - is spot on

Vijay said...


PJ said...

hey when the five20east online shop gets sorted will this be available to buy via download?

Anonymous said...

Thanks - This will be CD only as usual - no downloads I'm afraid. Phonica will have 20-30 copies next week also.

Anonymous said...

i've waited the whole week for this and now it's finally's gone!download exceeded.
where is the time that not everyone knew about this blog!!!
ah well it wasn't meant to be, i guess.


dalestephen said...

yet again you guys produce the goods
ordered from piccadilly cheers

mcgee said...

ordered, supernice :)

Jimmy Morgan said...

Checked every day for a fortnight - I go away for the weekend and miss it :(

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I thought it was all about the georgy porgy edit but after a few plays it's the Michael Wycoff that gets me, how'bout those strings.

Will the heavy love affair re-work get a vinyl release? I'm a bit of a ludite.

David Ballester said...

I have bought a copy of Forever in their debt 6 and for some reason it's not playable. Not in my cd-player and not in my computer either. Have you encountered this before? Do you have any idea of what the problem is?
Much Love Disco Dave

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave

Can you email and we'll give you an address to send the CD back to and sort you out a replacement?

This is the first time I've heard of this happening. Obviously we get the CD's professionally manufactured and don't check each one - but I guess mistakes can happen.


richardk said...

is there any way I can get a copy of this CD still? or have I missed the boat?

Anonymous said...

Yeah the boat has been missed mate - unless you can get it on discogs. Sorry.