Wednesday, April 29

OOFT Radio 28/4/09 - Naked Silk

Plenty of house music on the show this week, including new shizz from Chloe, Manuel Tur, and Tony Lionni...

OOFT Radio - Naked Silk

1. Pulp Disco - Witches [CDR]
2. The Mole - There's Hope [Internasjonal]
3. Prins Thomas - Mammut [Full Pupp]
4. Plein Soleil - Casus Belli [Playhouse]
5. Kirk Degiorgio - Idiom [New Religion]
6. OOFT - Umbilical Chord (Dub Mix) [CDR]
7. Osbourne - Wait A Minute (Arto Mwambe Remix) [Spectral Sound]
8. Tony Lionni - This Feeling [Freerange]
9. Milton Jackson - 1998 (OOFT Remix) [CDR]
10. Karizma - Stringed To Death [CDR]
11. Manuel Tur & Langenberg - Silk Drive [Freerange]


disco outcast said...

cheers for that has now been signed to electric sheep pal

Unknown said...

i keep getting timeouts when trying to listen to the shows from the subcity site, or if it does play, very choppy, bandwidth issues on the site? any other way we can listen to these shows please?

Aliooft said...

I noticed this too last week - I guess as Subcity is Glasgow University's radio station and we're nearing the end of the annual broadcast schedule that they're running out of bandwidth and don't have any more budget...

Unfortunately there isn't any other host for the shows, although they all seem to be working fine today.

Stay tuned to the blog as we'll have some news about our future radio/podcasting plans up soon ;)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

thanks Ali, downloadable shows would be nice also :)

Unknown said...

Hi Graeme - I saw you play at Sugar on Sat night in Adelaide and you were playing a Rick James re-edit you'd made. Was wondering where I might be able to buy it if it's been released. Cheers for the great music and the slick mixing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Clint - it's just a ruff one at the moment. Just test driving it. Glad you made it down ... will see you when I return! G ;)

Unknown said...

aye the server is very old and is slowly dieing. Will be replaced in the summer with any hope.