Monday, April 27

Live In Soul City

I had a superb trip daan saaf a couple of weeks ago to play for the Soul City squad (I even kept the flyer for posterity). They know their sh*t down there I tell thee. Anyway - here's most of my mix from the evening that the boys kindly sent over ...

The Revenge : Live In Soul City

1. Reel 2 Reel - Love Me Like This
2. Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You (The Revenge Rework)
3. BT Express - Keep It Up (BB Edit)
4. The Revenge - Night Flight
5. Q-Tip - Breathe & Stop (The Revenge RAE Version)
6. Kay Gees - Hustle With Every Muscle (The Revenge Edit)
7. KRL - Recession Beat
8. The Police - Voices In My Head (Cronk Family Enterprises Version)
9. Body 2 Body - Let's Get Intimate (Harri Edit)
10. The Sunburst Band - Put A Lyric In It (The Revenge Demo Mix)
11. Touch - Without You (Timmy Regisford Remix)
12. Brother D & The Collective Effort - Educate Organise (Harri Edit)
13. Today - I Got The Feeling (The Revenge New Jack Stack)
14. Lionel Richie - Serves You Right (The Revenge Edit)
15. Reverso 68 - Take Me Back To Yours 
16. Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Re-Animation)
17. Tata Vega - Love Your Neighbour (The Revenge Edit)
18. The Revenge - Your Hangover
19. Moodyman - On The Eastside Of Detroit
20. The Revenge - Unfinished Edits Are Out Of My Hands
21. DJ 2Three - Milk Jelly 
22. Hidden Agenda - Big Lamp
23. Phlash & Friends - Runnin' (Dub Edit)
24. The Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running (DJ tool)


Unknown said...

awesome stuff, some absolute belters in this mix.

Louie said...

great mix mate, thanks for a top night! See you soon

Simon said...

Looking forward to reliving this! Nice one mate... Hope all is well with you

Anonymous said...

this is awesome chap, nice one

Jimmy Morgan said...

Was all set to be there until last minute spanner. Great mix - makes it all the more unbearable I missed it!

Matty said...

Cheers mate sounded wicked on the night lookn forward to hearing it again. Catch up soon

Anonymous said...

Cheers lads ;)

Unknown said...

Could've done with Heavy Love Affair on there,ha ha. yes I was the annoying tw#t that kept asking for it, thanks for humouring me.
Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ... i've still got the piece of paper you gave me with 'Heavy Love Affair' scrawled on it. Thought I'd keep it until I catch you djing :)

Next time mate.

Unknown said...

Dude, I'm in the middle of making some hand-made packaged mix cd's and wanted to get one up to you.
Send a mailing address to:
If you would like one. Peas.

Burks said...

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