Wednesday, December 2


A new Craig Smith mix recorded live from Ross Hutchison's Cyberjamz radio show ...


John said...

Sounds great. Is there a tracklist?

Interested in these two especially: What edit of Suzanne Vega is that at 19 mins?

And the one at 40 mins?

Sleazy Beats said...

@ John ^^

Suzanne Vega edit is by Chalk Hill/Souled (Chalk Hill edits vol 1)

Track @ 40 min is SE62 - Wall Ride (Eddie C rmx) on Home Taping

Superb mix indeed :)

John said...

Thanks, I'll try pick up that Chalk Hill edits.

It was the one before Wall Ride I was looking for (starts around 36/37 mins, mea culpa)

Sleazy Beats said...

gotcha, that one would be the new Social Disco Club on Hands of Time

John said...

Thanks very much, SB! I'm orderin SBR01 once Juno get it in, besta luck with the label!

Anonymous said...

Here's the tracklist ...

1. Stratasoul - Thank You Music
2. Linkwood - Barely Eagle/Franck Roger feat Mandel Turner - Celebrate (accapella)
3. Chalk Hill - Love Made Real
4. Illya Rudman - Call Me (The Revenge Engaged Mix)
5. Kid Creole And The Coconuts - I'm Corrupt (Idjut Boys Edit)
6. Social Disco Club - Sandwich Love
7. SE62 - Wall Ride (Eddie C Remix)
8. Eddie C - One With The Stars
9. 6th Borough Project - Bunny Bugzzz (What's Up Doc?) (Demo Mix)
10. Space Ranger - Herbal Cake (The Revenge Rubdown)
11. Midnight Express - Danger Zone (Souled DJ Edit)
12. JSOUL - Frequency (Jonny Montana Remix)
13. Reel People - Stars (Bonus Beat) / Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Accapella)
14. Reel People - Star (RP's Club Mix)
15. Kentphonik - Sunday Showers (Casamena Basement Mix)
16. Mountain People - 008.3 / Marlon D - Harlem Jazz (Accapella)
17. Lil' Louis - Club Lonley (Shield Re Edit) / Eddie Amador - House Music (Accapella)
18. 6th Borough Project - Miss World (Ooft Remix)
19. Gwen McCrae - Keep The Fire Burning (The Revenge Need II Edit)
20 Tony Lionni - Treat Me Right (Jimpster Edit)
21. Harri & The Revenge - Truth & Temptation

Anonymous said...

his little dauther love this one and this her choise for long her life together with craig smith and the revenge sounds (they are your guys) and it is not a joke, it is serious)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
scotish sounds is our sound!!!!!!))))))))

Anonymous said...

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Superb mix indeed, love the originality to pull this remix, I just added to my favorites.