Monday, December 14

Less Is No More

Here's a sneaky peak at the last L.E.S.S. Productions CD. We've picked 10 tracks - one from every CD plus a bonus track, we've tried to explore some of the undiscovered tracks alongside more obvious ones. We're currently stickering them at the moment to ship to Piccadilly & Phonica for January delivery. There'll be a few in our Five20East store before then, but we'll let you know as and when.

Our competition winners from earlier this year will get their copies before Xmas (we'll be sending emails to you today to confirm addresses).

Tracklist :

1.Willie Hutch - Brothers Gonna Work It Out (The Revenge Rework)
2. Wganda Kenya - Tifit Hayed (Cronk Family Enterprises Rework)
3. Michael Jackson - Thriller (OOFT! Phazed Edit)
4. Herb Alpert - Rotation (DJ Harri Edit)
5. 6th Borough Project – 7 Grams Of Funk
6. Andy Ash – Never Give You Up
7. Ian Dury – Spasticus Autisticus (OOFT! Rework)
8. The Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets (The Revenge Rework)
9. Kleeer - Open Your Mind (DJ 2Three Rework)
10. Gwen McCrae - Keep The Fire Burning (The Revenge Need II Edit)


Clifford Mark said...

Nice! Really looking forward to this one.

Fen d'Arioto said...

Yeah same, but can we possibily wait till january ? haha :)

I'm from France, hope i could buy it somewhere !

take care

dr dred said...

from france too
how can i get this record?

Anonymous said...

Five20East's online store can ship internationally no problem - more info soon.

Anonymous said...

This is gonna be rude

Unknown said...

can't wait!!!

Unknown said...

Thankyou very much the super duper L.E.S.S. comp', very decent of you sharing your hard work like that.
The generosity of peeps within the 'dance music scene' never ceases to amaze me.

Merry Crimbo Mo Fo's.

addy-f said...

Is there also already a plan for the release for Joey Negro - Beyond The Dance (The Revenge Rework)??

Always nice stuff !!!!

Looking forward to 9th jan 2010 Vienna!! ;)

cheers addy

Anonymous said...

The Beyond The Dance remix should be out early 2010. Looking forward to Vienna too ;)

Anonymous said...

are there any plans to distribute via Juno?

thanks -- Andre


PJ said...

arrived today

thanks again

this is superb

addy-f said...

I just wanted to know where i can get the L.E.E.S. CD because the Five East's online store Page doesn´t work!?
Is there any Email adress or link where i can get this!?! Thx Addy-F

Aliooft said...

Hi Addy,

The Five20East store is going under some routine maintenance this week in preparation for the sale of LESS010 next monday. Rest assured it'll be the first place you can get your mitts on the cd!


Invent said...

to be honest, those edits kicks!

Rebecca said...

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