Thursday, December 3

RJA11 : Deep Space Orchestra

We're coming thick & fast now for the rest of the year with a plethora of new mixes to get out before the xmas slow-down. Next up is a cracking mix from our Deep Space Orchestra chums from down south.

Deep Space Orchestra are Chris Barker (Jigsaw/TrebleO) & Si Murray (Cronk Family Enterprises/Jazzchops), two music afficionados hailing from the Liverpool area. With one joint release already out on our Five20East imprint you can expect to hear plenty more from these two in the oh-ten with forthcoming works on Drumpoet and a couple of others which have escaped my mind at present The mix itself is a tip-top blend of deep dancefloor workouts ranging from exclusive digital dubplates courtesy of the boys themselves through to classic chicago and detroit jams.

PS as if having OOFT DJing in Glasgow this Friday wasn't enough, the DSO boys are gracing the city with a debut performance for the Cosmic Microwave night at new venue La Cheetah too, so you're really spoilt for choice ;)

Sorry - No Tracklist

RJA11 - Deep Space Orchestra


MKM said...

Stellar mix guys.

What's the track around 38 minutes with the female vocal "one of them nights....?" It's pure fire.

Unknown said...

Hello mate.

It's a Discolexic edit of Billy Ocean - Night (Feel Like Getting Down).

Glad you dig the mix.


MKM said...

I hope Billy doesn't mind the insult. I've never heard the original or the edit and I thought it was a lady.

Live and learn. ;-)

jim said...

superb mix! any chance of tracklist?

Anonymous said...

1. Deep Space Orchestra - Moonrunners (CDR)
2. Jayson Brothers - All My Life (MCDE)
3. Chris Barker - Rugo (CDR)
4. Zachary - Richie Lion (Brontosaurus)
5. Dopplereffekt - Infophysix (International Deejay Gigolos)
6. Specter - Bazerko (Tetrode Music)
7. Cronk Family Enterprises - A Quiet Rebellion (Five20East)
8. Kink & Neville Watson - Inside Out Dub (Hour House Is Your Rush)
9. Billy Ocean - Night (Feel Like Getting Down) edit (Discolexic)
10. Damn Edits - No. 1 (Damn Edits)
11. Joe Lewis - Midnight Dancin' (Dancin' Mixx) (Peacefrog)
12. Kerrier District - Silhouettes (Rephlex)
13. Soulphiction - Who To Call (Philpot)
14. Soundstream - "Live" Goes On (Soundstream)
15. DJ Jus-Ed - Step up 2 (Underground Quality)
16. Damon Wild - Spacerace (Synewave)
17. Octave One - The Loveless (430 West)
18. Underground Resistance - Hi-Tech Jazz (Underground Resistance)
19. Purveyors of Fine Funk - Your Body Keeps Me Satisfied (Peacefrog)

Anonymous said...

thxs m8!

Anonymous said...

Thanks 4 great mix!
Maybe somebody knows what is original song of Damn Edits - No. 1 (Damn Edits)??? Like that sample so much and want to listen all original tune!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I found it - its Ronnie Laws - Good Feelings!!! :) Yes! Beautiful!