Wednesday, March 25

OOFT Radio 24/3/09 - Purple Peanuts

Check out this weeks show again here:

OOFT Radio - Purple Peanuts

1. O'Jays - Money [Philadelphia]
2. The Sunburst Band - After Dusk (Joey Negro Extended Mix) [Z Records]
3. Kenny Loggins - This Is It [Columbia]
4. Cronk Family Enterprises - The Fitting Room [Five20East]
5. Max Essa - Nightbeat [Bear Funk]
6. Ilija Rudman - Definition [Solar Disco]
7. Libby Jones - Time After Time (Control Mix) [Trax]
8. D.H.S. - House Of God [Hangman Records]
9. DJ INO - Triple X [Objektivity]
10. Sheharzad - Yalla Yalla (Henrik Schwarz Remix) [Fine Art]


Anonymous said...

is there a way to download these?

Aliooft said...


I don't think you're supposed to be able to download them, but if you listen to it in something like windows media player once it has downloaded the full show (the little progess bar on the bottom has lit up right across the full playing length) whilst playing you can then file-save as to keep it.



Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks. I love your music.