Saturday, March 7

That's House

Like it say's in the title - a new house mix for y'all taking in some old, some new, but all good house music.Boom.

1. Crowdpleaser/Ly Sander - Walking Home (Kalabrese Remix) [Drumpoet Community]
2. Art Bleek - Escapism (Langerberg Remix) [Sounderground]
3. Craig Smith & The Revenge - The Soul Part 2 [CDR]
4. DPlay - Tschaka [Running Back]
5. Out In the Sticks - Bangkok [CDR]
6. Adonis - The Poke [Westside]
7. D'Julz - Sulo (Manuel Tur Remix) [Dessous Classics]
8. Sebastien San - Thunder [Echocord Colour]
8a. Barack Obama - Victory Speech
9. Lars Bartkuhn - Goodbye Dancing Hello God (Arto Mwambe Remix) [Sonar Kollektiv]
10. Barbara Tucker & Tucillo - One Desire (Alix Alvarez Dub Vox) [King Street]
11. Mr White - Inside Your Mind [Blackmarket International]
12. Milton Jackson - Never Be Wrong [Dark Energy]
13. The Deacon - Soulsaver [UR]
14. Master H & Francois Dubois - Melody (Master H Detroit Vision) [Komplex De Deep]
15. Redshape - Blood Into Dust [Styrax Leaves]
16. Francis McGhee - Delerium (Chris Herris Edit) [L.E.S.S. Productions]
17. INXS - Learn to Fly (OOFT Edit) [CDR]


justus jonas said...

do we get a tracklist to this...its beautiful

Aliooft said...

Done - edited the post with tracklist included

Anonymous said...

Fantastic mix!

Thanks very much also for the tracklist.

Going to sound like a trainspotter but was this recorded using a rotary mixer? cause it sounds fat!


Aliooft said...


Nope, just mixed on my rather dusty old Allen+Heath Xone 62 - I feel vindicated as I've always said that A+H mixers sound great ;)